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Want to see where you can find us in person? Or perhaps you’re here to reach out directly. Either way, you’re in the right place. 

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Started as a small display in 2015 at the Duck Cove Inn, we have grown to a large scale operation on the main street in Inverness. Displaying prints in various sizes with the ability to custom order prints to fit your space.

Panorama – Chimney Corner

A beautiful beach located in Chimney Corner, great for children and families as the cove is shallow and has small waves.

Sunset on the Cabot Trail

This view is on the way to Pleasant Bay. There are only 4 days during the year that the sun sets in between these two mountain peaks.

Cabot Trail Evening – Cap Le Moine

A small community on the Cabot Trail between Margaree Harbour and Cheticamp.

Barred Owl in Colindale

A barred owl sitting in a pine tree in Colindale.

Beach Road, Inverness

The road down to the beach in Inverness.

Belle Cote

A small community, where the wharf and beach are located. Beside Margaree Harbour.

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