Fortress of Louisbourg

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      Originally settled in 1713 Louisbourg was home to the French settlers of Cape Breton. The fishing port grew to become a major commercial port and heavily guarded fortress. The walls surrounding the fortress were mainly built between the 1720’s and 1740’s and even surrounded the town. Despite all its protections the Fortress of Louisbourg had key weaknesses, it was built on low-lying land, commanded by close hills and mainly directed for sea based attacks it left the land facing defences weak. It was also located a long distance from any other reinforcements that could have been called if any assault were made. Unfortunately the fortress was captured twice, the second resulting in the British armies systematically demolished the fortifications. The British continued to have the fortress garrisoned until 1768. The fortress and town were rebuilt on a smaller scale in the 1960’s and 70’s using some of the original stonework.

      Today the Fortress of Louisbourg is a National Historic Site of Canada and is run by Parks Canada. Offering guided and unguided tours, the demonstration and explanation of the weapons the French and British soldiers would have used such as muskets and cannons, there are also puppet shows and many visitor involved demonstrations led by the fortresses period actors.


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